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    Absence: Excused

    Students may be excused from the requirements of attendance under the following circumstances and conditions:

    The principal or his/her designee may, upon receipt of satisfactory evidence of medical, physical, mental or other urgent reasons, excuse a child for nonattendance during a temporary period. The term "urgent reasons" is strictly construed and does not include work at home or other absences for parent or pupil convenience such as vacation trips or caring for siblings. Upon written parental request, a pupil may be excused during school hours for the purpose of obtaining professional healthcare or therapy service only if the following requirements are met:

    1. The time of necessary absence from school involves a minimum of interference with the pupil's regular program of studies; and it is not practical or possib[e for the pupil to receive the services outside of school hours.
    2. Medical documentation (doctor's certificate) is required for all absences of three (3) consecutive days or more or for shorter periods if required by the building principal


    Absence: Unexcused

    The absence of a student for any reason other than those classified under Absence: Excused. Whenever a parent/guardian fails to submit a written excuse his/her child within three days of such absence.

    Absence: Unlawful: All unexcused absences for students of compulsory attendance age shall be considered unlawful.

    1. After three (3) days of w1excused absences by a student, a warning letter is served on parents and/or the guardian.
    2. After fifth (5) days, the Principal's designee will send a certified Official Notice of illegal Absence Letter. This constitutes a first offense.
    3. After the fifth (5th) day, the Principal's designee will refer the student to the manager of the Truancy Support Team. (A School Attendance Improvement Plan will be scheduled with student's counselor)
    4. After the sixth ( 6th) day, the Principa1's designee will write a Non-Traffic Citation to be signed by the school's designee and a copy will be sent to the Student Services Supervisor or his/her designee. This action initiates legal proceedings for the student, and that further violation during the school term will result in prosecution without notice.