• Welcome to the Harrisburg School District's Parent Engagement Page.  Here you will find information vital to your child's education and how parents can support them.
    MaDonna Awotwi
    Data Compliance Specialist
    (717) 703-4071
    Ben Franklin School                  
    Juana Thomas
    (717) 703-4219
    Camp Curtin Academy
    Ms. Tyrisha Roberson
    (717) 703-4229 office
    Downey School
    Ms. Sabrina Brown
    (717) 703-1251 office
    Foose School
    Ms. Nicole Echols
    (717) 703-4358
    Harrisburg High School:  John Harris Campus
    Ms. Candice Coleman-Henry
    (717) 703-4367
    Marshall Math & Science Academy
    Ms. Bertrena Irvin
    (717) 703-1314
    Melrose School
    Cedra Washington
    Rowland Academy
    Efraim Lewis
    (717) 703-4508 
    Harrisburg High School: SciTech Campus
    (717) 703-0453

    Cougar Academy
    Anne Rodriguez
    Scott School
    Ms. Derra Brown
    (717) 703-4570